I love playing Wow on my time for it releases the tension of real life and makes me enjoy this virtual life whereby I can live a life of fantasy. However, of course we must keep in mind that real life still matters more; career is essential to the development of the person (and his wallet). In addition, real life obligations is also a top-notch priority such as family life and friends. Having all these factors summed up, this does not leave enough time daily for the demands in our fantasy life in Wow. The game has itself requires time-consuming demands of acquiring gold in order for you to upgrade your items, and prepare consumables that will strong you for the next raid in Ulduar or Naxxramas. Thus, with this constant demand the question appears: is Wow still playable for the casual gamers who have essentially 2 hours to spare a day for playing?

From the myself during the Burning Crusade expansion. I had essentially 100g to spare in a day. During some raids I could not even afford to repair my 0 durability gear due to the constant wipes in the Black Forehead. Also, I do not have sufficient gold to cover my enchanting and diamond needs whenever I obtain a new gear. New Job Posting At BioWare Leads Many Hopeful Fans To Wonder If A New Mass Effect Game Is In The Works I do not have sufficient gold for I cannot farm, nor do daily missions for they consume too much time (and they leave out this terrible disease called BOREDOM). (Virtual) life sucked. I got scolded by the raid leaders for not playing to my potential because of my missing treasures, enchants and sometimes destroyed gear. To play this game does require the gold of currency for it to be played to your character’s full potential, and sadly it is the thing that we lack so much. I logged in to enjoy and forget about real life, but apparently virtual life battles back and puts a strain on my stress levels as well.

Just lately this year my real life friend who plays with me in the same server mentioned a website that helps the casual gamers obtain massive amounts of gold in their time. Very little time is necessary to obtain gold, it says. For my maximum amount of 2 hours of playtime, I could obtain an amount of gold that will make me sufficient for days to come. That’s great, I thought. I recently got my Wrath of the Lich King and finally equalized my character to 80 after some months (Yea, I’m really slow… ).

Now that I’m 80 and joined a raiding guild, I wondered if my Burning Crusade life of not being able to maximize my playing potential due to the fear that my history of lower income in gold would just repeat. I decided to give the website a go because at first I was hesitant about it. I tried it anyway for it gives free guides for the casual gamers how to obtain gold. There’s no harm in trying right? Soon after a month, I could obtain at least 30, 000 gold by just following the guides and playing my usual of maximum 2 hours a day. Thus, whenever I raid twice to 3 times a week, it became possible for me to search for the best enchants, the best treasures, the best consumables like flasks or elixirs, without worrying about my gold deposit.

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