I had to consentrate long and hard about not wishing this on your malice. When you work hard in making a success in operation, (yes it all precipitates to sheer hard work hire a hacker) you do expect a poor reaction from people with malice and jealousy in their mind make up.

You outdid yourself. You made me more determinded to make this a success.

You know we have launched our Magical Casino site now and worked not for stop on marketing, to get our site out in the big old world. Is that why you’re sniffing around my PC all night?

Clever too, I grant you that, to use the MsTask, so your tinbrain thinks you are legitimate in the world of numbers and letters.

I try and stay amused, for you did not quite succeed. You kept me and my internet trainers awaken most of the night but the fact that I am writing and posting you this letter, would show that impaired faith stands out a light in the darkest moments of internet hacking nightmares.

Jokes aside. We are living in the the twentieth century with computers and cell phones and modern day ways of communicating BUT with all this brilliant technology comes trojans, cyber-terrorist, red worms, and what not.

We must be doing something right because we had all three of the above leaking through our computers causing irritation, frustration and not to mention a loss of sleep.

A firewall or antivirus is like a birthcontrol pill. It is never 100% safe. I saw this yesterday, hacker of the darkness.

You need to realise though, that as much as you possessed fun in making me dance around my internet provider, explaining the possible spam coming from my container brain, I have fun, knowing that what you may desired for me to go through, will be returned to you by the good forces of the universe.

Luckily our site is managed at another location so what happens…?

Evil Trojans, cyber-terrorist and red worms

Revenge and malice Will make you squirm

Our site is protected by the power of three

As i speak so must it be!!!

Funny how negative situations can be turned around into positive ones. These little enemies got the juices flowing and look, we have created yet another chance to send all the bad, back to its source.

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