What is a dissertation?

A dissertation can be often referred to as a research project for students of any college or university that is essential for the completion of an undergraduate or a post-graduate degree program. The sole purpose of a dissertation is to test the independent research skills that the student has acquired during the time in the university.

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What are the common mistakes found in a dissertation?

The main causes of mistake that arises during a dissertation are because of the following issues. First, students do not have a clear idea about how to write a graduation dissertation, they have no prior experience, and there is hardly any kind of guidance during their research.

The next mistake that students commonly make is the lack of proper research. Often due to less time or other issues, students do not research the topics properly, and due to this, the collection of information and resource is minimized. Students often end up repeating the same facts throughout the project or include poorly described information.

Another common mistake notice in dissertations is incomplete or odd ending projects. Students sometimes accumulate a lot of information, and they have no clue on how to add all the important information and to end it. Students often go into a flow while writing a dissertation, and lose their way to the actual goal.

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How to avoid common mistakes during the dissertation?

A good quality dissertation is always favored by the teacher and increases the chances of getting better grades. For this, students have to make sure that they reduce common mistakes as much as possible. Here are a few tips on how to achieve that.

  • Proper research – Define and outline a clear question out of the topic given. The collect proper information about the question from as many sources possible. After the initial research, assess the reliability and the legitimacy of the information. Always mention the source to avoid plagiarism.
  • Organization – A well-organized dissertation is always preferred by the tutor. Present the outcomes of the research in a critical, convincing, and articulate way. Follow the proper guidelines and format of the project.
  • Evaluation – Evaluate the information from as many perspectives as possible. Then identify the lead sources to be included inside the project. Then prepare a well-scripted conclusion.

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