Customer Sprint is one of the first big hit games that kicked off the time management gaming trend!

In Customer Sprint, you play as Flo, an office executive that decides to leave her stress filled world to become the happy owner of a archipelago of restaurants. Flo is the one, and only, waitress in her restaurant. You are responsible for sitting the restaurant guests, taking their orders, placing the order with the chef, serving the prepared food, collecting the checks, and finally clearing the tables after the restaurant guests have remaining. Complete the tasks regularly while keeping the customers can use happy will enable you to get money to expand your restaurant with improvements or even open a whole new restaurant restaurant craze.

There are two ways of playing Customer Sprint. First, you can play in career mode. In career mode you progress from level to level as long as you satisfy enough customers and make enough money to meet the levels goal. The second way of playing is the Endless Shift mode, where Flo continues to serve the restaurant customers until too many become angry and leave the restaurant.

Customer Sprint provides an easy to learn but difficult to perfect gaming experience which is very satisfying for all skill of gamers in your household. There are 40 career mode levels, plus the endless service mode giving you hours and hours of entertaining and challenging action. The graphics of the game are very witty book or cartoon character in nature which builds upon the games other light and entertaining qualities.

If you feel Customer Sprint is an “I’ll beat this in an afternoon” style game, you’re in for a surprise. This game can be very difficult, for those of us that require to perfect each level with the highest expert rating on each level. If you’re not concerned about achieving the expert level on each level, some levels can be challenging to just reach the minimum goals, but for most gamers, this should be no issue.

We give Customer Sprint a solid 5 out of 5 stars! This game is a legend when it comes to casual gaming as it helped leading the time management gaming wave. Even with all these years, this game continues to challenge and entertain gamers young and old. If you’re new to the Customer Sprint series, get started now and see what you have been missing!

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